Work Produced at OBRAS Artist Residency

Letters From Emptiness is an exploration of land and body

I arrived for my three-week stay at OBRAS with a longing to stay concentrated, in attunement. And then, to rid myself of longing and simply be attuned. To walk, record, draw, print, repeat. To listen to a rhythm I heard with the coming of my breath.

"Although we have no actual written communication from the world of emptiness, we have some hints or suggestions about what is going on in that world"--the swaying of grasses, the sound of a footstep on marble--"that is a letter from the world of emptiness."

Suzuki Roshi's words are a guide. To breathe each breath like it is the only one. Not expecting another. Not distracted by stray thoughts. Not trying to be anywhere except present in that moment.  

Artist Talk

Experience a few moments from the OBRAS Artist Residency, October 2018

Before the gallery walk, I described some of my intentions, referencing of Suzuki Roshi's writings and reading from my journal:

"The land holds the key as it absorbs all our energies, our wanderings, forgettings, crimes, kindnesses, footsteps, bones, (and new life). Focus on the ground, as all ground is holy, each step, each instance, is a whole world.

The practice is to remind myself and observe the letters from emptiness."