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Creating digital and mixed media works using video, photographs, maps, found materials, and the body.

Collecting Karma: Meditations in Video Aizpute, Latvia

Recent Series



I worked from maps of the areas affected by California's fires and mudslides in 2017, creating a series of drawings on sudden disastrous changes of place. In several other works in the series, x-rays of bones and contours of body parts, slated to undergo surgery, are integrated into abstract forms.

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Body Traces


The body captured--walking, dancing, painting, gesturing--in video, digitally processed, printed and drawn upon, offers an iterative way to meditate on physical boundaries, containment, and impermanence. I worked quickly in this series, generating brushstrokes that come about through movement and response to place.

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Collecting Karma Through Small Neglects


I become familiar with some of the visible remains of a past marked by deportation, imprisonment, extermination, and by survival and recovery. Begun at the SERDE Artist Residency in Aizpute, Latvia, with a series of video meditations, this work also connects me to my own family origins.

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