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Creating digital and mixed media works using video, photographs, found materials, projection, and the body.

Featured Series


Water Ritual, Latvia, 2019

I am composing a ritual around images of falling water projected onto the surface of the former synagogue alongside the old mikvah, now in ruins. The ritual conjures the sacred Jewish act of washing and explores feelings of guilt and innocence, from past and present.


Letters From Emptiness, Mixed Media, Portugal

Trails through dried fields and gnarled cork oak lead to a ruined train station. I find stones, bones parched by heat, and listen to rhythms in my returning breath. I draw on cast-off marble fragments, making new relics. 


Body Traces: Paint, Motion

Paint on skin, in video, digitally processed, an iterative way to meditate on physical boundaries, containment, and impermanence. I worked quickly in this series, generating brushstrokes that come about through movement and response to place.


I Am The Size of What I See, Theatrical Performance

Created in collaboration with Dogon's Miguel Noya and Paul Godwin, and integrating poetic inspirations from Pessoa, the work commemorates 100 years since the end of WWI, and follows the journey of a shepherd as he becomes a soldier facing his own mortality. Dance, music, and projected images culminated with the reading of the names of local soldiers lost in the war.

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