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Digital media maker and visual artist, Amee Evans Godwin brings three decades of experience working in video and mixed media.  Based in Northern California, Evans Godwin's work is a meditative investigation of life-force energy and form created by layered elements drawn from nature and the body. 

The artist builds intersecting compositions by combining digital original and vintage photographs, topographical maps, antique medical and other illustrations, with pencil, paint, mixed media, and digital processing and printing.

Her collage-style work began in analog and digital video, including explorations in web applications. Also known as "Ameera", Evans Godwin creates time-based works of layered video projections and sound for musical and theatrical performances.  


Masters Degree, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Bachelor of Arts, Media Study, Art and Performance, University of Buffalo Center for Media Study
Fellowship, Arts Leadership for the Future, Silicon Valley, CA, Two-year mentor program

Media Highlights

Film & Media Awards:  American Film & Video Festival, CINE Golden Eagle, Earthwatch Film Awards, Native American Film Festival, World Women’s Congress Film and Video Showcase, Birmingham Film and Video Festival.

Video Projection for Music/Theatre: 

Musical Performance "I Am the Size of What I See" (Dogon, Portugal, 2018); Dogon Concert Series (Latvia, Estonia, Finland, 2016); Romeo & Juliet (Coastal Rep, California, 2016); The Elephant Man (Brava Theatre, San Francisco, 2015); Alice in Wanderland (Coastal Rep, California, 2015).

Recent & Upcoming


I am the Size of What I See

Theatrical Music Production 

October 2018, Evora, Portugal

Collecting Karma from Small Neglects: Three Meditations

Public Video Screening

September, 15, 2018, SERDE, Aizpute, Latvia

Interpretations of Commons Ground,
Three-person show, "Interpreting the Ground We Walk On"

April 7th - June 3rd, 2018, Osceola Gallery

Artist Residencies

SERDE Artist Residency

August 2019, Aizpute, Latvia

Foundation OBRAS - Portugal  Artist Residency

Evoramonte, September 17 - October 7, 2018

Letters From Emptiness

SERDE Artist Residency

September 6-15, 2018, Aizpute, Latvia

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