Collecting Karma Through Small Neglects, Three Meditations

View the completed three-part series, first created and screened publicly as part of an artist residency in 2018 at The Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE, Aizpute, Latvia. I ponder place, identity, fear, and death, in a post-Soviet historical landscape.
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I Am the Size of What I See

From the 2018 musical theatre production, I Am the Size of What I See, performed in Évora, Portugal and dedicated to Évora’s soldiers of the Great War, the videos draw from various poems and fragments by Fernando Pessoa (and his heteronym, the shepherd poet, Alberto Caeiro).

Guardador, 2018

Music by Godwin + Noya (Dogon)

Kalev and Linda

An abstract dance-like journey into the music of Robert Jürjendal and Miguel Noya, in their track, "Kalev and Linda", from the album, The Power of Distance, released in 2019. Intensity builds with repeated gesture, motion, and gaze into a dream-like physicality in response to this complex, ethereal music.


Manipulated found footage with visions of collapsed time, expansive heat, flowing cold for music performance. Originally projected on the musicians during their concert.

Music by Dogon, All My Relations, 2016

Alice in wanderland

Digital video of processed original  photography, used as projection for theatrical dance performance.

Gnarled Forest
Music by Paul Godwin
Alice in Wanderland, 2014