Eu sou do tamanho do que vejo

I Am the Size of What I See

Performed  for the 100-year commemoration of World War I,  Évora, Portugal


Musical Theatre about persons of the World War I

created and performed by Paul Godwin (USA), Miguel Noya (Venezuela) and Ameera (A.E. Godwin, USA), with special guests.

Dedicated to Évora’s soldiers of the Great War, the piece draws from various poems and fragments by Fernando Pessoa (and his heteronym, the shepherd poet, Alberto Caeiro.) 

The work is rooted in the local landscape of trees, river, and sky, and follows the journey of the shepherd as he becomes a soldier facing his own mortality. Dance and theatre elements will culminate with the reading of the names of local soldiers lost in the battles of World War I, one hundred years ago. 

Paul Godwin (USA) & Miguel Noya (Venezuela), also known as DOGON, have been composing, recording, and performing electro-acoustic music since 1981. Continuing their trans-national collaboration of 37 years, Godwin & Noya combine electro-acoustic music with voice and choir in surround sound. Multi-media artist, Ameera (A.E. Godwin), combines visual projections and performance. 


"Guardador", a musical work from Eu sou tamanho do que vejo, in which a young keeper of sheep walks the Alentejo.


"Guerra", a musical work from Eu sou tamanho do que vejo, illustrating the soldier's journey in WWI and ultimately, a return to Portugal.

When I Die

"When I Die", a musical work from Eu sou tamanho do que vejo, a vision of death and reunion.

Collaborators at OBRAS Artist Residency

Working alongside longtime collaborators and composers, MIguel Noya and Paul Godwin, I created this  series of videos and stills integrated into the theatrical performance.

Much gratitude to all the supporters:

Câmara de Évora

Fundação OBRAS


Direcção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo

Ludger van der Eerden and Carolien van der Laan

 DOGON (Paul Godwin & Miguel Noya):